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The days of forty plus year tenures with the same company, ending with pension enriched retirement are unfortunately a thing of the past. Today’s society is more independent. In fact, according to an Intuit study, by 2020, some 40% of American workers will be self-employed, working on their own as independent contractors. This is a result of our gig economy that is on an upward trajectory. Gig economy, in case you aren’t aware, is a free market system that prefers temporary, or short-term engagements, over long-term, life-long employment. The following are some of the best jobs you can try to earn some fast money in our gig economy:

1.) Join a Rideshare Company

Though Uber is likely the most well-known ride sharing company, there are many others to choose from, such as Lyft, WingzUZURV and more. The idea is you use your own car to drive people to the airport, to and from work, or anywhere else for a fee. You go through a rideshare company to provide a measure of safety. Let’s look at a few of these companies more in depth to better grasp the type of money you could make with this side job:

  • Uber: The motto of Uber, which is “Your Car. Your Schedule. Your Move,” means you work as little or as much as you want. You use your personal vehicle to transport customers around town. You can work outside the 9-to-5 parameters and be your own boss. You get paid by Uber via their Uber Partners app on a weekly basis and what you make obviously depends on how often you work and the demand for such services in your area. You will receive a $500 bonus from Uber after giving 25 rides.
  • Lyft: Lyft is up front on what you can expect to make, that being up to $35 an hour. You drive your personal car to transport passengers around town. The Lyft app successfully matches passengers and drivers and pays you as the driver instantly when the ride is booked. They do have peak hours, allowing you to make more money. Lyft also allows you to keep any tips you might receive, which differs from some ridesharing company.

2.) Share Your Possessions With Sharing Sites

Some sites like Airbnb allow you to rent out virtually anything, from your tools, your boat, your car or even your home. This doesn’t mean you have to leave your house. It can just involve renting out an extra room within your house. This is an especially helpful way to make money as you’re sharing something you already own and making money in the process.

3.) Consider an On-The-Side Delivery Job

Another potential job that is needed today is delivering services. You can make some extra money during the evenings after work or even on your lunch break with companies like Postmates. You can also join Roadie and deliver a package while running your own personal errands.

4.) Try Your Hand at On-Demand or Freelancing Jobs

You can freelance, or work on-demand, in a wide range of fields, such the tech, childcare, pet care, beauty, culinary, legal, marketing industries and more. Urbansitter, for examples, allows you to become a babysitter by connecting you with parents in need of childcare services. There are many other options as well to choose from, meaning there is some form of freelancing, on-demand job, applicable for everyone. This makes the freelance/on-demand field an ideal job in this high-tech society.   

The important thing to remember when trying to find extra jobs in a gig economy is to think outside of the box of a 9-5 office job. Be willing to work odd hours, weekends and nights, and you can earn some extra money by trying out the above employment options.