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Let’s face it, when it comes to saving money, we could all do a better job. One easy, painless way to save money is to add specific browser extensions to your web browser. This will in essence help you save money as you shop or research products or services online. Read below for five of the best plug-ins/browser extensions you can download to save a bit of money:

Five Best Browser Extensions For Saving Money

1.) Amazon Assistant: Amazon is the king of online shopping, so it stands to reason their browser plug-in for finding online deals would also be one of the best. After installing this free browser extension to either your Opera, Safari, Firefox or Chrome browsers, Amazon Assistant will highlight the best deals daily. It also comes with a universal watch list, meaning you can save good deals from any site you visit, not only Amazon. The description on the Amazon Assistant site, says it “helps you make better decisions whenever you shop online.”

2.) Honey: This is another free browser plug-in that will save you money when shopping online. It works with thousands of stores and even helps you find the best deal when ordering pizza. When it detects a sale, the “h” in “honey” turns gray, indicating a deal is available. In most cases, Honey will apply any promo codes available for you before you make a purchase. It even works with Amazon. However, Amazon Prime’s free shipping aspect isn’t always taken into account, which can skew the overall cost of an item, so that’s something to keep in mind. The only other drawback worth mentioning is the fact that sometimes Honey is a bit out-of-date and will attempt to apply discounts that are no longer active.

3.) Invisible Hand: This discreet browser extension helps you track down the best price for car rentals, flights and other items when shopping online. It features coupon codes just like Honey but also helps you compare prices from website to website. It is aptly named because Invisible Hand stays “invisible” until you are researching a product. Only then will it indicate there is a better price on the item if there is one available. It does not; however, enter coupon codes for you. It simply shows you the promo codes. You have to enter them.

4.) The Camelizer: No, this extension doesn’t have anything to do with camels. Instead, it is a price-tracking tool to utilize when shopping on Amazon. It shows price history charts, so you can see how the price has increased and decreased in the past. The Camelizer also allows you to set specific price alerts, so you are notified when that item you are dying to buy has dropped in price.

5.) Ebates: This browser extension works in conjunction with over 1,800 stores and gives you cash back when you buy from them online. It also alerts you to free shipping, promo codes, coupons and cash back offers when shopping with an affiliate site. Any cash you earn builds in your account. Ebates will send you the case quarterly through Paypal.

The five browser extensions listed above will all help you save money while doing your online shopping.  


Amazon Assistant:
Invisible Hand:
The Camelizer:

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