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You may have heard that the American people love to sue each other. Until recently, this was true for a big reason – the large amount of time, money, and effort it takes to endure legal proceedings makes it so that any defendant would want to make a quick payment rather than see a court case through. Quick payment = easy money.

Since then, the cost of settling has become much higher and it’s much more difficult to sue a corporation just to make money. However, if you know where to look, there are still ways to make easy money through legal proceedings.


What Are Class Action Lawsuits?

The Class Action lawsuit is a lawsuit in which the plaintiff makes a case against a corporate or other institutional defendant, on behalf of a large group of absent people. Emphasis on absent. What this means is if someone has sued a defendant on your behalf, you will be entitled to a portion of that money – whether or not you know about it.


Why They’re Legit

Many class action suits are filed against large corporations for “false or misleading advertising.” For example, companies will try to take advantage of new trends for “all-natural” products, and label products that way when in fact those products contain synthetic In 2013, PepsiCo settled for $9 million over the branding of its smoothie drink “Naked Juice” – for phrases like “100% Juice,” and “Non-GMO.” Turns out that some products were made with genetically modified soy, and other products that are not technically considered “fruit.” Consumers are protected from false labeling, hence the big penalties for labels found to be inaccurate, and opportunities for you to get your money back!


How To Find Out If You’re Entitled To Settlement Money

Consumer Action – Consumer Action keeps a running list of class action lawsuits that may be of interest to the general public. You can visit their site to get more information or make a claim. Lawsuits are listed as either “open to claims,” “pending,” or “closed,” with clear deadlines listed for claims.

Class Action RebatesClass Action Rebates organizes its list of lawsuits by product. If you’ve purchased items like a TrueSteam Humidifier, a product by Honest Company, an Aveeno Active Naturals product, use one click to file a claim and receive money back.

Top Class Actions – This is a full-service site in that it provides ways to file claims, as well as lots of relevant information including specific details on each case. Sign up to be a member and you’ll get a free weekly newsletter right to your inbox with new class action lawsuits you might be able to participate in.


How Much Money Are You Entitled To?

In class-action lawsuits involving household products, you are most often entitled to a full-refund of the product, and any extra amount agreed to in the terms of settlement. This is an estimated $5 – $50 per claim you file. If the claim involves a service you paid thousands of dollar for, you’re of course entitled to much more.

You can get money without a receipt as proof of purchase, but you will receive more if you do have the receipt. Just head to one of the sites listed above, and click to file a claim. It’s that easy!