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With the consistent rise in the cost of cable TV and the ever increasing alternatives becoming available, more and more people have made the decisions to “cut the cord” and have their cable TV service cut off. Perhaps, you have considered the same, but still aren’t sure you want to take that step. The following information will tell you everything you need to know about cutting the cord and the alternatives available today:

These Streaming Services Are Great Alternatives to Cable

Thanks to the increasing internet speeds available for homeowners today and the many TV streaming services you can get, there are valid alternatives to cable TV available at a fraction of the cost. Some of the most affordable options include Sling TV or PlayStation Vue. It’s important to note that you don’t have to own a Playstation to utilize the PlayStation Vue service. You just need a device like a Roku that can stream the service to your TV. These streaming services all have levels of packages, so price will vary depending on what you want. Playstation Vue’s second to the largest package will run you around $50 monthly and includes virtually all sports and news channels. Sling TV starts out at $25 a month and allows you to add certain channels to build your own package. Suffice it to say, other than basic local channel 12, you can get almost any channel that you had with cable through this type of service. This includes sports channels. The Playstation Vue also features a recording option as well, that works like a DVR, ensuring you don’t ever miss your favorite show or a much anticipated sporting event.

You Can Get Local Channels Through an Antenna

We mentioned above that you could get “almost” all your local channels through a streaming service now. However, if you want to watch local channel 12 or CBS, along with other local channels you will still need a digital antenna. Thankfully, they aren’t that expensive and once you buy one, that is the only time it will cost you any money at all. You can get a really good digital antenna for around $70. Although that might seem high, when you consider this is a one time purchase, not something that you will have to worry about monthly, it seems a lot more affordable.

Other Entertainment Options

You can also sign up for an Amazon Prime, Hulu or Netflix subscription to access additional entertaining content. These are all affordable options and give you access to an abundance of entertainment options including movies and shows. If you have a smart TV, this is usually all you need to access these services. If you don’t have this, though, you will need a device like a Roku Streaming Stick. An Xbox One or PS4 also has built in streaming capabilities, so that’s an option too to access your subscriptions to services like Netflix.

In conclusion, to get away from the cable company, it will likely take adding a few additional services to take its place. You need internet to access virtually all of them, and you also need a streaming service to access your cable shows, along with an antenna for those that are on local channels. Add an additional service like Netflix to the mix, and you will likely have more entertainment options than you even have time to enjoy, all for substantially less than what you were paying for cable.




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