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Unfortunately, the cost you can expect to pay to fill your tank with gas is once again on its way up. According to stats from AAA, the price per gallon is now $2.81. Just a year ago, that number was $2.37. Therefore, in order to keep your ride on the road and getting you from point A to point B affordably, you will want to get the most out of each fill up and find savings on gas when they are available. Here are some suggestions to do just that:

1.) Use a Gas App

According to Patrick DeHaan, at GasBuddy“If you’re just looking at the price from the street, you’re leaving money on the table.” In other words, utilize a website or gas app like Gas GuruAAA or GasBuddy to find the best deals on per gallon rate.

2.) Don’t be a Lead Foot

According to the Department of Energy, the faster you drive, the more fuel your car uses. In fact, after you reach 50 mph, every additional 5 mph costs around $.018 per gallon. Also go at a steady pace, don’t floor the gas, then slam on the breaks, try to maintain your speed.

3.) Lighten The Load

Don’t carry around extra weight for no reason. Your car’s trunk or hatch area is not a bonus storage room. Remember, the heavier your vehicle, the more fuel it takes to power.

4.) Work Smarter

When you can, combine errands to successfully avoid unnecessary trips out. Also, if you can carpool with someone, do so and you will each save money if you take turns driving.

5.) Try to Avoid Warm Ups

On cold winter mornings, it can be tempting to warm up your car well ahead of time so it’s a nice, toasty cocoon. Of course, the longer you let your car run, warming the interior in the mornings, the more gas you use.

6.) Ensure You Tires and Properly Inflated

Keeping your tires filled to the correct or factory recommended pressure will ensure your car gets the most out of each fill up. Tires that are low in pressure can reduce the per mile rate you can get.

7.) Clean Your Air Filter

Your car’s air filter also should be cleaned regularly. Not doing so can increase your exhaust emissions and negatively impact your fuel economy. Thankfully, when you go get your oil changed, you can likely take care of this point and the point mentioned above simultaneously.

8.) Don’t Leave Your Car Running For Long Periods of Times When Sitting Still

If you are waiting for your kids in the school pick up line or waiting on your spouse to get done with work for the day and are sitting waiting on them in your car running, you are wasting gas. Stop doing this! Just cut the engine off and you will save a good deal as idling is a significant waste of gas.

9.) Reduce the Drag Your Car Has

Many assume they save money by cutting their air off and instead rolling the windows door to cool off. However, in actuality, the more aerodynamic your car is, the less fuel you burn. Therefore, you are actually better off keeping your windows rolled up. Also, take off the luggage rack, bicycle rack, ski rack, etc. to reduce drag even more.

We hope the above tips help you get the most out of each fill up, saving your hard earned money.




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