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Scouring through the many budgeting blogs on the web can be overwhelming. Attempting to figure out which are worthwhile and which are best avoided can seem impossible. Thankfully, we have taken the time to weed out the less than helpful blogs and highlight the few of the best budgeting blogs that are truly worth your time. Read on to learn more:

  • Budget Bytes: This blog is food focused, but still applicable to you if you want to get on a budget. Beth, the Budget Bytes creator and contributor, lives in Nashville, TN. She uses this blog to share how to dramatically affect your budget by making changes in food related spending. Much of the blog covers recipes and how to be budget friendly and still eat well through careful planning.
  • Penny Pinchin’ Mom: Created by Tracie in 2009, Penny Pinchin’ Mom, has put her budgeting techniques into action, allowing her to pay off $37,000 in debt in a mere two years. This blog outlines countless ways to save money and even provides free budget worksheets you can utilize for your own budgeting needs.
  • Busy Budgeter: Blog author Rosemarie uses her blog Busy Budgeter to help you learn various creative ways to stay on a budget. She provides meal planning, productivity and organizational tips. Her goal is to educate and encourage you to do the hard work necessary to create and live on a budget. Her expertise has been featured on Fox Business, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Country Living and Living Well.
  • Budget Traveller:  This interesting blog looks at a common expense that being traveling. It explains how to see the world without breaking the bank. Written by Kash, who has been traveling the world since 1999, Budget Traveller explains why he believes spending money on experiences instead of possessions is key. He shares how to explore, even when money is tight.
  • The Budget Babe: Another common expense that busts the budget is clothing. The blog The Budget Babe, explores how to stay fashion forward without spending a fortune. There is no need to sacrifice your fashion sense simply because you have to adhere to a budget. One popular feature on the blog is how to replicate celebrity looks for less.
  • Thrifty and Chic: Decorating and home décor can get very expensive and wreak havoc on your budget. Thrifty and Chic author Alicia explains how to decorate without blowing your budget. The DIY projects on the blog are extremely popular and explain how you can transform your home’s décor, even when money is tight.
  • Living Richly on a Budget: This blog, written by Fanny, explains how budget living can still be “rich” in quality. She knows that budgeting can sometimes get arduous and boring and uses her blog Living Richly on a Budget as a way to make budgeting simple and fun. Fanny is also a published author. Her book “Budgeting Made Easy” is another must read resource.

The above is just a sampling of some of the best budgeting blogs you can find. Explore them all for a well-rounded explanation of how to experience an abundant life, even when living on a budget. Remember, budgeting can be fun and exciting, when approached in the proper way.