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People struggle with a 9 to 5 job for a lot of different reasons. Maybe you’ve got kids that need to be picked up from school in the middle of the day, or an elderly parent that needs at-home care. Or maybe you’re a creative, and working a traditional full time job doesn’t leave you with enough time to write, compose, or create the art you’ve always wanted.Whatever the reason for needing some extra flexibility, you’ve got plenty of options in today’s gig economy. Here are some jobs that you can do from anywhere, and best of all, at any hour of the day.


1. Get Paid to Blog

You can get paid to blog in one of two ways: through the content itself, or through ads that you host on your blog. Some companies will pay you to write posts, if you’re willing to promote their product or service. If you want to host your own blog and write the content that you want, you may still get paid by companies to include ads or links to company, thereby contributing to their marketing efforts.

For Example: If you like to travel, you can keep a blog recording your adventures and in the meantime get paid to promote hotels, restaurants, or travel agencies. For a neat travel blog and more in-depth information on the process of turning a regular blog into a profit-earning blog, take a look at My Tan Feet  — just one of the many blogs that do this.


2. Teach English as a Foreign Language to People From Around the World

English teachers are in high demand around the world, particularly in Asian countries like China or Japan. If you are a native English-speaker, you can get paid up to $20 an hour just to talk to people and practice English conversation skills! Certain companies such as VIPKID require that you have a bachelor’s degree, or some teaching experience, but others are more flexible. The recruiting and application process may take up to 10 days, but after that you can sign up for teaching slots as your time allows.


3. Translate

Fluent in more than one language? Become a translator! You can get always find work as a translator or interpreter through freelance apps like, or Particularly high demand languages are those outside of the most common Spanish and French – including Arabic, Russian, Bahasa, Hindi, Korean, and many more! 


4. Be a Personal Assistant

You did a double take didn’t you? A “Personal Assistant” used to mean slogging to an office and putting up with the same traffic and unexpected late hours. Well with today’s technology, you can now be a Virtual Assistant – help write emails, manage social media accounts, or make travel arrangements all from the comfort of your own home. is a good place to find these opportunities.


5. Data Entry

Want something a little easier than the jobs listed above? If you can type, and you have a computer with Internet, you can get a job as a Data Entry “Clerk”. Often times, companies just need someone to enter business data into a database, or transfer data from one database to another. Just search under “data entry” at and look for opportunities that say “remote.”


6. Take People for A Ride in Your Car

One of the more popular jobs these days is becoming a driver for one of the “taxi” or ridesharing apps. Uber and Lyft are the most famous and broadly available, but there is also Gett, Juno, and Summon for select cities in the United States – and many more around the world. To become a driver with Uber, all you need is a driver’s license, and access to a car that is legally registered and insured. You should also be at least 21 years old, and be able to pass a background check that verifies that you have a fairly clean driving record and no criminal history.


7. Become a Mystery Shopper

It’s as adventurous as it sounds! Get paid to go undercover in stores, car dealerships, restaurants, or anywhere that values customer interaction, and then report back to company headquarters on how well each branch or franchise met company requirements. Since you can’t make a large sum of money for visiting one store, it makes sense to visit multiple stores in one trip. Mystery shopping companies exist so you can get access to multiple jobs at the same time. for example, has 120,000-160,000 new mystery shopping jobs posted to their job board every month.


8. Content Writer/Editor

This is a little bit like blogging, but in this case, you don’t even have to promote a product! Some companies run websites that provide research and other useful information regarding a topic that is of interest to their consumers. If you like writing, you can make money doing the research and drafting these articles. Most companies will pay you by the word – for example, at 20 cents a word, you could make $100 for a 500-word article. Check out for more information. Furthermore, if you’re great at writing you can make money by just reading articles and correcting them for grammar and fluency.


9. Work at a Call Center

Some companies will hire you to take customer service inquiries over the phone. All you need is a reliable phone line, and in some cases, high-speed Internet, so this can be done from anywhere. This kind of job will require you to be dedicated to the shifts you sign up for, but you do have a lot of flexibility over which shifts you take. Home With The Kids has a job board with reliable customer service jobs that you can do from home.


10. Provide Technical Support

This is an up-and-coming job that pays pretty well, and is expected to grow quickly. It’s similar to working at a call center. If you have some technical expertise – either with hardware or software – you may be hired by a tech company to help customers set up or troubleshoot their technology over the phone.


Due to our globalized economy, a lot of the jobs mentioned above are international opportunities. Not only can you work hours that are more convenient for the lifestyle you want, but you can use this kind of work to gain real international or business experience. I wouldn’t blame you if you quit that boring office job today.